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My name is Branislav Banic and I GOLF YOU is my vision. Together with specific skills, Golf is played with dedication and patience. If you are a junior, or an adult, a beginner, an advanced or a professional player, I GOLF YOU is there to help you create and improve those skills. I GOLF YOU is my coaching approach which uses your personality, challenges your habits, your physical strength and mental skills, to maximize your performance playing golf. With I GOLF YOU there are no false promises, only satisfaction with your own golfing experience.

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“I found in Bran a teaching professional and a coach, that helped me, these past two years, progress in the game with fun. Bran is helping me with his technical inputs, his tactical views on the course and by setting ambitious but realistic targets during a season. Every session with him is a real pleasure and a starting point to my golfing improvements.”

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